Flippers Update

Hi Vice President Eagles here,

It seems that flippers has been sent a vidio from server Frozen, lets watch…OMG the video says that if flippers doesnt change then war will start! Well it does not say what they would like us to change but we will shortly know! But if me and Walt don’t want to change it then we will not! It is up to walt then and only then to announce if we declare war on frozen! Thanks and Take Care!



Sry i havent been posting ive been rly busy.

i made my school basketball team and have had alot of practices im sry i need alot of help now. i will be having a contest, commenting, u need comment the most and i will add u as an author and after 1 month i will see how u did and decide wether u stay or go.

Start Commenting

P.S it ends this friday . use numbers, its easier for me.

P.S.S ill hav the posts for friday up tommorow!


Sorry im late!

heres the paperpaper
It talks about rockhopper and the coins for change, it includes more decorating tips and heres the sneak peak of the christmas partyHello Penguins,

There are always really exciting things going on during the holiday season in Club Penguin, and the team’s been busy preparing for the big Christmas Party that’s starting December 19! Rockhopper and Coins For Change will arrive, there will be new books to read, an igloo decorating contest, and some cool surprises! I got this sneak peek from the art team:

ChristmasPeek.jpgDo you remember past Christmas Parties in Club Penguin? What was your favorite thing? Is this your first Christmas Party? There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday season, and we’d love for you to let us know what you’re looking forward to!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Thanks for coming!

Happy i made you this vid to help out with your site! I hope it helps!