Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peek of something that is coming on October 24th. The 24th of October, 2006 was the day Club Penguin was released, and is the Anniversary party date.

What do you think it is? Just tell me by commenting!

~Eagles Fly By~


Fall Fair 2008 Cheats!

Chinsetakout here!!

The new lollipop pin is located in the lighthouse!

Fall Fair Cheats

1.How to get tickets really fast:

2.Play Grab and Spin located at the dock

3.Spin it once

Click tab until the yellow box is over End Game button like this:

4. Hold down enter for about 10 seconds

5. Quit the game and look at your tickets!

Once you have all the tickets you need the next step is cashing them in! To exchange them for prizes go to the forest for a prize booth. Also remember that they will be adding more prizes later on in the week so i will keep you updated on that!

The second prize booth is at the Arcade Circle which is only for members!


This is what it looks like inside:

Here are the prizes:

Also if your a non member and want to play the 2 games that are in the Arcade Circle, then here they are:

Also i would definitally check out all the different rooms and play all the games and i will have party pics up soon for this party so we can remember it later on! I especially like the pool and iceberg! Comment which rooms are your favorite!!


New Penguin Times!

Chinsetakout here!!

The fall fair is coming tomorrow so remember to check back here tomorrow for all the new stuff!

There is a secret note from G in the newspaper about the up coming mission! Follow these steps to find it:

1. Click the paper on the desk then click the note that comes up

2. Click the red book then click the note that comes up

3. Click the cookie then click the note that comes up

4. Click the television then click the note that comes up

5. Click the coffee cup then you have found G’s Letter

This is the note from G: 

Check out these events coming to a Club Penguin near you!


Fall Fair Sneak Peek!

Dr Pepper 66 here!

Billybob released a new sneak peek of the fall fair! It looks really cool and very similar to last year! Also a new pin will be hidden Friday! Check back here on Friday for the new pin location and all the Fall Fair info and cheats you need! Here is the sneak peek:

-Dr Pepper 66


Ive been grounded for a while now 😥 im alowed to some sites but not much so that is y im having chinsetakout post for i was able to find out that their is another preview for the fall fair im not able to post it right now but in the pic it looks irrely simialar to the fall last year just letting u kno and also im still looking for the new header bye

Club Penguin Sneak Peaks!

Chinsetakout here!!

Here is a new sneak peek of the new mission that will be released soon! Im not really sure what it is but its definitally in front of the pet shop and the puffles are playing! To be able to complete the new mission you will have to be done with the other ones. Click here to find out how to complete the other missions!

Also this is a sneak peek of the upcoming Fall Fair Party! It looks like the Puffle Paddle game from last year! Also when your earning tickets remember to redeem them for prizes before you log out otherwise they will be gone!



ok as you noticed my header went back to noraml im sry to whoever did it if u could do it again with 2 pics of me on the side of wat you already had again im sry 😦 😦